Uniform  Requirements

Each item has a link to a picture of it, at least the ones with a link.

English German Description
Field cap Feldmütze M-43 w/2 buttons, w/trapazoid style insignia or separate skull & eagle.
No metal insignia. M-38 also accepted.
Helmet Stahlhelm M-35, M-40, M42, M43 are acceptable.
Helmet Cover Tarnhelmüberzug With rocker clips, NO drawstrings.
Camo smock Tarnjacke Any SS pattern  Palm or Planetree preferred
Shoulder Boards Schulterbretter White piped
Field tunic Feldbluse M-40,M-42,M-43 Quality reproduction from an approved dealer.
(Lost Battalions, At The Front, Bill Bureau's, 1944 Militaria
Belt Hooks Gurthaken For use with internal suspension straps in tunic
How to install those little buggers:  M-36-40  M-42-43 & HBT
Trousers Lange tuchhose Quality reproduction from an approved dealer.
Trouser Belt Hosengürtel
Suspenders Hosenträger Cord end type
Shirt Hemd Fieldgray or gray
Marching boots / Jackboots Marschstiefel Boots should have leather soles. Toe irons & hobnails are optional. 
(Contrary to the popular mainstream belief boots were issued with & without irons and nails.)

West German jackboots are acceptable if the buckle is removed & the flap sewn shut. East German are
NOT acceptable.
Low boots Schnürschuhe Option to the marching boot, correct style boot, brown or black, w/leather soles. Heel & toe irons, & hobnails are optional.
Gaiters Gamaschen Should be worn with low boots
Greatcoat Übermantel
Toque Ohrenwärmer(Oma)
Sweater Strickjacke
Glasses Maskenbrille Round rim style original or approved repro


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  1. Camo--- All SS patterns are accepted.   44 dot camo has a limited use as it is restricted to 1944 & later scenarios, therefore it is not a wise choice as a first purchase. Italian camo for uniforms, is only accepted by event, it is not barred from this unit but is not recommended.

  2. Feldbluse and trousers--- You will have 1 (one) year from being accepted into this unit to have all the required minimum uniform pieces. East German uniforms are NOT acceptable.

  3. Grooming---  Proper military style haircuts, NO hair touching the ears or collar. NO facial hair