WWIILHA Ostfront Event

Transylvania 1944-45

September 12-14, 2008
Newville, PA

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GWA Sponsoring unit 5th Sturm

August 1944, Romania has overthrown the pro-German government of Marshal Antonescu.
September sees Bulgaria join the Allies as well. The Romania and Red Armies are preparing to force the Axis forces out of Transylvania. The remnants of the German 6th Army have retreated across Moldavia into the Carpathians after almost being completely wiped out again.
The Heer, SS and other elements were unable to hold the passes through the mountains thus allowing the Allies to pierce the last natural defense positions.

In the western portion of Transylvania, German and Hungarian forces prepare to defend
against the coming onslaught. Their objectives, to hold the Red Army and Romanian ally
to allow a start point to retake the Ploesti oilfields and to also set up a defense for the
last oil reserves in Hungary. Romania's goal is to retake Transylvania and return it to
Romania proper and the Red Army is looking for a quick push through the Balkans.

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We will be donating a portion of the funds and also setting up a donation box for The Greatest Generations Foundation. This foundation sends veterans to the areas they once fought and there are many from WWII who want to make one last trip before passing on. It's only right to give something back to those who served.

Please visit their website at http://www.tggf.us/ and hopefully everyone will be able to help just a little.